System Changes Projects (updated 9.12.2006)
  • Personal Medication Record 

    Patients receive medical care in a variety of settings and from a number of different providers, but one thing is always constant – the patient. This campaign has developed a uniform and standardized tool that patients can use to manage their own medications. The personal medication record (PMR) includes entry space for patients to record prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbals, and supplements. The tool also will include entry space for recording medication allergies, and other potentially vital information that should be shared with all of the patient’s health care providers.

    SOS Rx PMR Templates

    AARP's Medicine and You, which uses the SOS Rx PMR.

  • Clearinghouse of Safe Practices on High-Risk Situations

This campaign will develop a clearinghouse of safe practices for high-risk situations in the outpatient medication arena. Numerous organizations have developed standards of care for a variety of situations and settings, but the challenge is ensuring the knowledge is transferred to health care providers. By providing a comprehensive dynamic resource to which healthcare professionals can turn for guidance on safe practices when prescribing certain medications, outpatient medication risk could be reduced. Consumer translations of the safe practices will be available through the clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse will also provide linkages to other similar activities and programs.

  • Promoting E- Prescribing

    The idea of e-prescribing has great promise for improving outpatient medication safety. The current “paper system” of prescribing results in numerous errors, many of which could be avoided with use of currently available technologies. The goal of this campaign is to increase consumer awareness of E-prescribing as an important tool, and educate consumers about the potential benefits associated with its use. 

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